Feel free to call me AJ. Most of what you'll find here is Loki, the Avengers, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, me begging for people to ask me stuff, some random personal stuff, random things I find amusing, and giveaways. Feel free to talk to me. I don't bite (much).
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I feel like I, and many other tumblr users, are pretty much experiment 625 from Lilo and Stitch


he literally has all of the same powers as stitch


He had potential to do something great. He saw what Stitch and all the other experiments were doing, but he was just like


you know what sounds good

a sandwich

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i also bet they ship them as much as we do

They probably have a money pool going of bets on who will tell the other first and when they will admit that they love one another.

"Ok so Bal, you say sometime in November, and have dibs on every year, and Anna you’re sticking with Valentine’s day? Crowley what are you doing here? get out of here, this is heaven!"

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