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It’s about time for another Aplentee giveaway…so…

This week you have 2 chances of winning one of these Shiny t-shirts by entering here on tumblr and over on Facebook.

To enter on tumblr all you have to do is:

Follow our Aplentee tumblr blog and reblog this post.

Each reblog of this post counts as an entry. 

You can reblog more than once, but please be sensible and don’t spam!

If you want ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN then we also have a competition running on Facebook this week. Check out the details here.

No restriction on where you live - we will happily ship anywhere in the world.

These giveaways both end at 6pm GMT on Monday September 15th, at which point we will randomly draw the winners.

Can’t wait and just have to have this t-shirt? You can get it now for just £11/€13/$15 over at Aplentee.com with free worldwide shipping if you buy any 3 t-shirts from us. We have also reduced the price of 3 of our previous Firefly inspired tees - see them all here.

If you want even more chances to win our tees, we give away ONE FREE TEE EVERY WEEK to a lucky newsletter subscriber. Subscribe here.

Good luck!

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Did anyone ever watch The Pretender?

Quick primer! The Pretender ran from 1996 to 2000 and was about a man named Jarod, who escapes an organization called the Centre, where he had been living for a couple decades.

He is extraordinarily gifted and can basically master any skill super quickly. So basically, every episode, he picks up a different job, helps people out and catches criminals and killers, which often involves shouting, “DIDN’T YOU?” and tricking them into confessing. It was a fun show to watch (although dark at times) so if you ever get the chance you should give it a try. :D